We believe in care and support that is built entirely around individual needs. Our approach is about understanding people's unique circumstances, what they enjoy and what they want to achieve. 

Needless to say we assist with personal daily living needs such as personal care, grooming, meal preparation or medication. But beyond this we can also arrange companionship and suitable out of home activities – the personal touches that reflect people's interests, give life more enjoyment and increase well-being.

We believe that the people we support should always have choices, should always be in control of what matters to them, and should feel they are getting the most out of life that they can. With First City, everyone can expect:

  • An individual approach that is always focused on what matters most to the person.
  • To be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. 
  • To be treated as an individual when creating support plans that focus on wellbeing and that promote a return to greater independence and living life to the full.
  • To be valued and fully included when making decisions about care and support alongside relevant family or representatives to ensure we achieve what matters most to them.
  • Swift and robust responses from experienced leadership colleagues who will work alongside you and the care team to ensure satisfaction.
  • Competent staff that are highly trained in classroom settings and who are recruited based on their ‘values’ in relation to a Caring nature, Honesty and Reliability. 
  • Sensitivity, kindness and understanding at all times.

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