Delivering truly integrated Social Care. 

First City Care Group is leading the way in delivering truly integrated care. We work positively and collaboratively with local authorities, NHS Trusts and health and care organisations to develop and deliver service solutions that support the strategic aims of the local system.

Our staff can offer rapid community care services that mean people can be supported at home as soon as they no longer need acute care. Our teams work in partnership with community Primary Care teams to deliver packages of intermediate care that both enable the person we support to increase independence, and provide an opportunity to complete further assessments in the community.

Examples of how we work include

Working as part of an integrated discharge team – First City Group brokerage team work as part of the integrated discharge service in Swindon. Based on a proactive approach to managing supply across community care our teams identify patients who are likely to need community support and take steps to ensure capacity is ready for when they are medically fit. This approach has been very successful with delayed transfer of care days significantly below comparators.

Working with community therapists in the community – the First City Group intermediate care team works closely with community therapists through a multidisciplinary team approach. The team provides intelligence to community therapies about interventions which will support a person to live well at home and reduce the need for long term support.

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